Strong: The Sequel to Hearts on Lock Olivia E L Scotland

ISBN: 9781481192507

Published: December 1st 2012


466 pages


Strong: The Sequel to Hearts on Lock  by  Olivia E L Scotland

Strong: The Sequel to Hearts on Lock by Olivia E L Scotland
December 1st 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 466 pages | ISBN: 9781481192507 | 8.19 Mb

AUDRIA & MICHAEL ARE BACK! In this powerfully written sequel to her first novel Hearts On Lock, Caribbean-born author Olivia E. L. Scotland, once again captures the hearts of her readers, as she reintroduces us to the special love affair between this unlikely couple. Michael is home.

Out from behind man-made walls. Audria is ecstatic. All should be peaches n cream in their world. Except it isnt. Audrias meddling Momma Viola is up to old tricks. But this time around, she has help. Al, the man on the sidelines, and undeniably, Audrias biggest mistake, has sworn not to rest until Audria is his.

And hes not above using her own Momma to help him get what he wants. Michael finds himself waging war to keep his woman, while struggling against a society hell-bent on treating him as nothing but an ex-con.

The slippery hold he maintains on his anger is threatened repeatedly as hes challenged by this man from Audrias past, stepping to whats his. And to add to his troubles, he finds himself warring with his too-grown son who is fast becoming a mirror image of the nastier side of himself, a side he thought he had buried. His relationship takes some hits too, as he battles a head-strong woman who has grown much too accustomed to having things her way.

Michael wants to do right, but there are forces aligned and on a mission to prove that he will never be good enough. Will he prove them right, or will he prove them wrong? OR will he remain as he has always been. Past. Present. Future... STRONG! Get ready for a wild and at-times crazy ride full of unexpected twists and turns. From a murder whodunit with a shocking confession, up to a drama-filled wedding day, and a whole lot more in between.

You will laugh. You will cry. You will holler. But what you wont do is put this book down until youve read every last word.

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