Synchronize Microsoft Outlook 2010 Email on two or more computers Kerry Latchford



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Synchronize Microsoft Outlook 2010 Email on two or more computers  by  Kerry Latchford

Synchronize Microsoft Outlook 2010 Email on two or more computers by Kerry Latchford
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Kindle notice: Although you can happily read this document on your Kindle Reader we recommend that you use the free Kindle for PC software when you want to set up Outlook 2010.

This way you can easily access extra resources referenced in the book and you get the benefit of full color graphics. This also means that you can use this book without owning a Kindle Reader.This book show you how to optimise your email efficiency:- Synchronize your email on all your computers so you can access it anywhere- Aggregate all your email addresses so you can manage them all in one windowAimed at individuals, consultants or small businesses who do not want to pay for expensive proprietary solutions, this book shows how to set up a highly efficient solution for managing work and personal email.

It does not require any hardware or software purchase.In this book you’ll learn:- how to synchronize Microsoft Outlook 2010 email on two or more computers- how to manage your email from any other computer, even if it’s not your own and you haven’t configured it- how to manage all your email, from all your email addresses, in one window- how to send emails from any email address whether you are working on your own computer or anyone else’sThe book is set out in an easy to follow format with screenshots for every instruction.

It assumes that you already know how to use Outlook and that you have enough technical ability to be able to follow a guide step by step.Bonus! When you buy this book you will also have access to additional resources:- There are a number of videos which visually explain the concepts used- For expert help, you can even contact the authors directly via a forumHere’s why you will love this solution:- It’s easy to prioritise and manage work and personal email from one place.

You can access your personal email and your work email from one window or with one login but they are clearly separated into separate inboxes and separate folders- You don’t have to carry a laptop everywhere. If you are going somewhere with internet access you can always get to your email – and we mean all your email, not just new emails- For anyone who has been using webmail access to Outlook you’ll really appreciate being able to work offline and not having to copy yourself, re-sort, re-read or re-delete emails- It is a “set and forget” solution with complete and automatic background synchronization.

Once you’ve set it up you don’t need to reconfigure anything when you leave the officeThis book shows you how to:- Set up a Gmail account for IMAP access- Tell Gmail to pick up emails from your mailboxes- Import emails from webmail, from ISPs or from any other email mailbox- Set up IMAP accounts in Outlook 2010- Organize email folders for synchronization- Copy old emails to the new account so ALL emails are synchronized- Choose which folders to access offline- Set up email sending from any email address you choose- Optimise settings in Outlook for most efficient synchronization- Set up signatures for different email addresses you use- Set up Gmail to work with multiple inboxes- Back up and restore email in POP and in IMAP- Switch on and off different accounts- Take the pain out of managing multiple email addresses from multiple computers with the Easy-Email solutionYou can even mix and match email clients and operating systems with the Easy-Email Solution.

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